Accelerate the Value of Data

Working With Tasks

You can create a workflow task, start a potential match review task, take an action for Potential Match Review.

Create a Workflow Task

Add a task from the Workflows tab:

  1. From the Workflows tab, select the task type from the first drop down list. The task types may be a custom type for your tenant or the Recommend for Delete default workflow task.

  2. Provide an optional comment in the Comments field.
  3. Click the Start button.

Start a Workflow Task

Start a Potential Match Review Task

The Reltio Platform provides an easy way to start potential matches review from the Search view.

  1. Select Search from the main menu to display the Search view.

  2. From the search filter facets side menu, select +More.

    Reltio Platform displays additional filters.

  3. Select the Potential Matches filter.
  4. Select a range and filter.

  5. Reltio Platform displays the filtered results and enables the Request Match Review. It enables the button once the potential matches filter is enabled in search results.

    You can optionally enable other filters to further narrow your results.
  6. Click Request Match Review to assign workflow review tasks to the filtered results.

View a Workflow Task

The Workflow tasks view provides information on tasks which the task assignee can use to take an action on the task.

Note: Each Workflow type (as specified in the Workflow field) is randomly assigned a different color for the background and border for the current user's session. All workflows of the same type should have the same color during the current user's session. For example, all Data Change Request Review workflow tasks should have the same color. The color for the workflow may change the next time the user the session is refreshed.

View a Potential Match Review Task

After the potential match review process is started, you can view the potential match review workflow by viewing the Potential Matches perspective of a Profile. The workflow task displays the potential matches records.

You can also see an abbreviated potential match workflow from the default Profile perspective.