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Delete a Survivorship group in Data Modeler

Learn how to delete a Survivorship group in Data Modeler.

If you no longer need a previously created survivorship group, you can delete it. For details on creating a new group, see topic Create a Survivorship group in Data Modeler.
To delete a Survivorship group:
  1. Open the Data Modeler application:
    1. From the Applications menu, select Console.
    2. In the Console Configuration section, select Data Modeler.
    3. From the Select tenant drop-down menu at the top of the page, select the desired tenant. The tenant name is shown in the menu bar, and the Entity types page opens.
  2. On the Entity Types page, select the entity that contains the Survivorship group you want to delete.

  3. In the Survivorship groups page, hover your mouse pointer over the desired Survivorship group and select the Delete icon ().
    Note: A confirmation message appears. Click Yes if you are sure about deleting the selected survivorship group.
    The selected survivorship group is deleted.