Accelerate the Value of Data

Out-of-the-box Cleanse Functions

Learn what data cleansers are ready for you to use in the Reltio platform.

Cleansing is important to maintaining the quality of your data. Reltio offers several out-of-the-box cleansers you can use right now.
  • Full Name Cleanser
  • Pattern Based Cleanser
  • Initials Cleanser
  • Address Cleanser
  • Phone Cleanser
  • Email Cleanser
  • String Cleanser
  • HTTP String Cleanser
  • S3 File Cleanser
Note: Ensure the following when using the cleanse functions:
  • If Full Name/Last Name/Middle Name/Initials have multiple values, only the first Operational Value (OV) is considered.
  • For input mapping and output mapping, only simple attributes are considered.
  • All cleansers can generate the desired output as per the given pattern and add an attribute with not just the ReltioCleanser crosswalk. You can use any crosswalk as mentioned under, cleanseConfig.sequence[0].chain[0].resultingValuesSourceTypeUri ="configuration/sources/ReltioCleanser".