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Reltio Connector for MuleSoft

Reltio Connected Cloud offers a group of MuleSoft connectors that you can integrate into a MuleSoft application.

MuleSoft supports a large family of connectors that enable you to interconnect third-party APIs to create an interdependent system and uses an IDE called Anypoint Studio to specify connectors and build an interconnected network.

Anypoint Connectors are extensions for Mule that allow you to operate as you would normally in external systems to integrate information from these systems to create something new. Connectors simplify the interaction with the SaaS providers' APIs, providing methods for most or all of the available operations. The Mule Connectors allow you to operate on Reltio entities, relations, interactions, and data change requests. Using the Anypoint Studio, you can build a flow that integrates APIs from a number of applications. This page describes the Reltio connectors; it does not attempt to teach the complete MuleSoft system.

There are many features common to the format and structure of the Reltio connectors. After reading about MuleSoft and the Reltio connectors, you should be able to apply what you have learned to connect applications to various SaaS applications.

The primary documentation for the MuleSoft platform is at Please familiarize yourself with the Mule platform generally, as you will need to use some of the built-in tools while using the Mule connectors. This documentation is focused on only the Reltio connectors.

MuleSoft Connectors

The MuleSoft connector allows you to: