Accelerate the Value of Data

Create and run an export job

Learn to create and run an export job.

  1. In the MDM, or in the Reltio Console, select Export and then select New Export Job.

  2. Select and filter the data to export.

    The filters enable you to refine your data selection in precise ways.

    Entities example

    Relations example

  3. Select job details such as file format, then select Run.
    • File format options include CSV Flattened, JSON, and CSV Exploded.
      Important: The CSV Exploded file format can result in low export performance and large export files, or failure of the export job. The more values that entities have, the higher the risk. To avoid this risk, we recommend using the CSV Flattened or JSON file formats.
    • Export UI displays a job ID number. Use this number to track the status of your export job.
When the export job is complete, Reltio uploads the exported data to the cloud that hosts your tenant. Reltio sends you an email with the links to access your data.