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Edit an entity type

Learn how to edit an entity type.

Create entity types in the Data Modeler. For more information, see topic Create an Entity type.
You may want to modify the details of an existing entity type. Depending upon the abstract entity type that was used for creating an entity type, the system allows you to edit the entity type details.
To edit an entity type:
  1. In the Console, select Data Modeler.
  2. In the left navigation pane, select Entity types. You will see the existing entity types on the right pane.
  3. Hover over the entity type you want to edit, which displays two icons.
  4. Select the Edit icon. You will see the Edit entity type page.
  5. Edit the image, Display Name, Data label pattern and other details that appear in the More Options section.
    Note: After you have added an icon, you can click the remove icon () (cross symbol) on the image to remove the selected image. The selected icon is removed and the first character of the Display Name is shown as the image, by default.
  6. Select SAVE to update the entity type details.