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Create a Survivorship group in Data Modeler

Learn how to create a Survivorship group to suit your needs in the Data Modeler.

To successfully create a survivorship group, you'll find it useful to have an understanding of survivorship rules, entity and relationship types, and user roles. For details, see topics Reltio match, merge, and survivorship, Reltio object types, and Managing Roles, Users and Tenants.
Survivorship groups for entity and relationship types define fallback rules and filters that determine which survivorship strategy to apply. You can assign custom user roles or use the default role for survivorship group.
To create a Survivorship group:
  1. Open the Data Modeler application:
    1. From the Applications menu, select Console.
    2. In the Console Configuration section, select Data Modeler.
    3. From the Select tenant drop-down menu at the top of the page, select the desired tenant. The tenant name is shown in the menu bar, and the Entity types page opens.
  2. On the Entity Types page, select the entity you want to configure the Survivorship group for.
  3. In the Survivorship tab, select + CREATE NEW.

  4. In the Create Survivorship group page, specify the details for your new group:
    1. In the Group details section, enter the following details:
      • Name: The display name of your Survivorship group.
      • Description: A brief explanation of the purpose of your Survivorship group.
      • Role: User roles for accessing this Survivorship group.
      • Default: Whether or not to use the default group roles.

    2. Optionally, in the Rules section, select + Add Attribute to add attributes and corresponding survivorship strategies, fallback, and filters to the survivor group. For more information, see topic Manage Survivorship rules in Data Modeler.
    3. At the top of the Create survivorship group page, select ADVANCED EDITOR.
    4. In the Advanced editor page, enter configuration for the Survivorship group in JSON format.
    5. At the top of the Advanced editor page, select RULES BUILDER to identify attributes and set conditions for your Survivorship group. For more information, see topic Working with the Rules Builder.
  5. At the top of the page, select Save to add the Survivorship groups. Alternatively, select Cancel to return to the previous page without saving your changes.
    Note: If you click Cancel or try to close the window and you have unsaved changes, a confirmation message is displayed. Click Leave if you want to discard your changes, or, click Cancel and then save your changes.