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Default Reltio password policy

Learn about the default Reltio password policy.

Reltio's default password policy affects all users authenticating into any tenant, in any region. Users are created and managed within Reltio and they log into Reltio using a username and password. For security reasons, passwords must comply with specific complexity standards that prevent or reduce the likelihood of attacks.

You can manage your users and passwords with:

  • SSO integration with your corporate identity provider (IdP): This default password policy does not apply to SSO users.

  • Reltio platform native user management

Note: You can modify the password policy for your Reltio platform. To change any of these settings, please raise a support case, and our team will help you set your customer password policy.

The default Reltio Password Policy for all users:

  • Number of failed login attempts: 5 (after 5 failed attempts, it will lock the user)

  • Number of inactive days: 90 (after 90 days without login, it will lock the user)

Password complexity:

  • Minimum password length: 10 (password must be at least 10 characters in length)

  • Alphabetical Sequence: 5 (Number of sequential alphabetical letters to forbid, for example ABCDE)

  • Numerical Sequence: 3 (Number of sequential numbers to forbid, for example 678)

  • QWERTY keyboard sequence: DEFAULT (detection of QWERTY keyboard sequences, for example qwerty)

  • Duplicate ASCII keyboard sequence: 3 (detection of repeated keyboard sequences, for example abcabc)

  • Username in password: DEFAULT (detection of username in password, including backward, for example user1, 1resu)

  • Email in password: DEFAULT (detection of email in password, including backwards, for example, moc.mod@a)
  • Dictionary of forbidden passwords: ['reltio'] (forbid passwords that contain these keywords)

  • History of passwords: 3 (number of previous passwords to avoid)

  • Minimum number of uppercase letters: 1

  • Minimum number of lowercase letters: 1

  • Minimum number of digits: 1

  • Minimum number of special characters: 1

See also, Customer Password Policy.