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Sign in to Reltio Connected Data Platform

Learn how to sign in to the Reltio Connected Data Platform.

Access the Reltio Connected Data Platform on the cloud from a web or mobile device. You sign in to the Reltio platform from your web browser via a URL that you’re sent when you register as a Reltio user. If you don’t have an account, contact your Reltio customer admin to request one.

Reltio responds best using Google Chrome. For details of supported browsers, see topic Recommended Browsers.

To sign in Reltio Connected Data Platform from your web browser:
  1. In your web browser address bar, enter your Reltio tenant URL given in your Welcome to Reltio email.
  2. Enter your Reltio credentials:
    • Username or email address: Enter the username provided in your Welcome email.
    • Password: Enter the password that you created.
      Note: If you don't recall your password, you can reset it. For more information, see topic Reset your password.

      Note: On our platform in China, you will see our Reltio ICP License number issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. For more information, see topic Internet Content Provider (ICP) compliance.