Accelerate the Value of Data

Get started with the Hub

Learn how to navigate the Hub.

When you log into your tenant using your credentials, you land in the Hub. If you are in any other application, such as the Console or Inbox, select the Hub option from the Applications menu.

When you log into the Hub, you see the Dashboard page with options to navigate to the Data quality, Search, and Profiles pages as well as to other applications.

Use these key sections in the Hub to manage your data in the Reltio platform:

Displays the Reltio logo, the tenant you are currently logged into, and the Search bar. You can:
  • Banner color: Make it easier to identify your tenants by configuring a different header color for each tenant. For more information, see topic Configuring Dashboards.
  • Logo: Displays the Reltio logo. Want to display your very own logo on the banner? You can do that! Just configure it in your JSON configuration file. For more information, see topic Configuring Dashboards.
  • Tenants: Navigate to other tenants by clicking the drop-down next to the tenant name and selecting the one you want from the list.
  • Search bar: Quickly locate a particular profile by typing the profile name here and selecting the relevant one from the list.
Left navigation drawer

Hover your mouse pointer over the left navigation drawer and select one of these options from the slide-out menu:

  • Profile stats: Displays charts and maps of tenant data. Three preconfigured charts and maps are displayed by default as well as any additional ones you configure. For more information, see topic .Configure dashboard charts and maps.
  • Data quality: Displays charts that provides insight about the quality of your data. For more information, see topic Real-Time Data Quality dashboard.
  • Search: Displays the search page where you can filter profiles based on entity types. Refine your search in the Advanced Search page to further filter profiles. For more information, see topic Search.
  • Create a new profile: Displays a sub menu with options to create a new profile for the selected entity type. For more information, see topic Adding a Profile.
  • Notifications: Navigates to the Notifications page in the Console. For more information, see topic Notification Management.
  • Applications: Displays a menu to navigate to other applications such as the Console, RDM, and Inbox. For more information, see topic Navigate to applications and resources.
  • Profile settings: Displays a sub menu with options to view the the Reltio platform version number or sign out of the tenant.
Page body
Displays information based on the menu option selected in the left navigation drawer. For example, select the Search menu option to display the Search page, where you can specify criteria to search for profiles.