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Get started with Data Loader

Learn about the Reltio Data Loader application and how to get around.

Reltio designed the Data Loader to help you load your data from numerous sources to the Reltio Platform. Success is in the preparation. Before you can load that data, let's get you acquainted with the Data Loader layout and functionality there.

Get the lay of the land

Let’s make our way over to the Console and look at the Data Loader. There you can get acquainted with its user interface (UI) layout and functionality.

The Reltio Connected Data Platform provides various applications to help you manage your data, including the Data Loader. You reach the apps through the App Selector icon in the Reltio Console. When you select the Data Loader tile there, the Data Loader home page displays:

Select tenant: A dropdown menu at the top of the Console page that provides a list of available tenants. For more information, see topic Selecting a Tenant.

Navigation pane: The pane that displays the different Data Loader functions you work with. For more information, see topics Work with jobs and job definitions and Manage source system accounts.

Job Definitions area: The area where you can select either Drafts or Completed to work with the existing Job Definitions. For more information, see topic Work with jobs and job definitions.

Have it your way

We're updating our user interface (UI) for the Reltio Connected Data Platform. You'll be able to switch between our classic and new UI versions. More information is coming soon!

To help you work more efficiently and effectively, you can customize the display of parts of the Data Loader UI in the Console. You decide which items to display to help you monitor the quality of data in your Reltio tenant. Some examples include:
  • Types of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Metrics
  • Key data points
  • Data storage locations, like
    • Amazon S3
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)
    • Google Cloud Storage

Get access

Before you can dig in to the Data Loader landscape, you'll need to learn about the access, roles, and permission you need. For more information, see topic Get ready for Data Loader.

To get to and access the Data Loader application, see Access the Data Loader app.

What's next? Learn about the journey that you take for success using the Data Loader in topic Data Loader workflow.