Accelerate the Value of Data

Wrap CSV values

Learn about how some CSV values must be wrapped to ensure their accuracy during data transformation.

Why wrap it?

When you load the data through a .csv file, you sometimes have to wrap some values for accurate data transformation. When you wrap text values together within quotes, the software perceives the wrapped value as a single value. Say when the CSV file uses the delimiter || (two pipes) and a column value in .csv has | (a single pipe), you must wrap the values that have the single | within double quotation marks.

For the full list of Reltio supported delimiters, see topic Load Entities into a Tenant.

For the original CSV specification, see RFC 4180 - Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files.


Consider that columns - col1, col2, col3, and col4 are delimited or separated by double pipes. The value corresponding to col3 has two values separated by a single pipe. So, the value for column 3 must be wrapped within double quotes as shown in the following:
col1 || col2||col3||col4Val1||val2||”val3|val4”||val5