Accelerate the Value of Data


Reltio Console is a collection of applications to configure, manage, and secure your data within the Reltio Platform.

Accessing Console

You can access Console by clicking the App Selector icon and clicking Console as shown below.

The Console Home page appears.

The Console displays four types of tools:

Configuration Tools:

  • UI Modeler:Configure your tenant's layout based on your data model.
  • Data Modeler: Manage your tenant's data model, including entities, attributes, relationships, sources, match rules, and roles.
  • Workflow Modeler: View, create, and edit your BPMN diagrams using the Web-based tooling for BPDM, DMN, and CMMN.
  • Match IQ: Create, train, and publish machine learning models for matching on a dataset.
  • Notification Management: View and manage notifications for services.

Tenant Management Tools:

  • Tenant Management: View tenant statistics and execute tenant management jobs.
  • Data Loader: Load data into the Reltio Platform.
  • Export: UI for Exporting entities and relationships.
  • External Match: Match records stored externally in a file with entities within the Reltio platform.
  • Performance Monitoring Tools: View statistics about the performance of the APIs.
  • Shield Encryption: Create and Manage your own encryption keys using Reltio Shield.

Security Tools:

  • SSO Configuration: Manage SSO configuration for SAML and OIDC..
  • User Management: Manage user accounts and roles to provide the required access.

Navigating to Applications

From the Console Home page, you can either directly click on an application that you want to use or use the main menu in the header to open the application. The main menu is available even when you are working in an application.

You can also use the following URLs to open any application:

Table 1. URLs of the Console Applications
UI Modeler
Data Modeler
Workflow Modeler
Tenant Management
Data Loader
External Match
Match IQ
SSO Configuration
User Management
Notification Management
Performance Monitoring