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Images API

API for image hosting.

This page provides REST API for the Managing Images feature.


Upload Image


POST {serviceUrl}/image/{environmentId}/{tenantId}
Table 1. Parameters
Name Required Details
Headers Authorization Yes Information about authentication access token in format "Bearer <accessToken>" (see details in Authentication API ).
Path variables environmentId Yes Environment identifier built in URL as https://{environmentId}
tenantId Yes Tenant identifier.
Body Yes Content-type should be "multipart/form-data".
file No Image to upload. Type should be "application/octet-stream".
sourceUrl No URL of source image.
upload No If true, image should be uploaded to S3. Taken into account only if sourceUrl is specified. Default value is true.


If image is uploaded successfully, then the response will contain a JSON of image properties.


Authorization token is not valid.
  • Status: 401
  • Error code: 42001
File format is not supported.
  • Status: 415
  • Error code: 42002
File size exceeds configured max file size.
  • Status: 400
  • Error code: 42003
Illegal request parameters.
  • Status: 400
  • Error code: 42004
Internal service error.
  • Status: 500
  • Error code: 42005

Request-Upload Image File by Specified URL

Authorization Bearer {authorizationToken}
Content-Type: multipart/form-data:
"sourceUrl": "https://url.of.source.image"
"upload": "false"

Upload Image File

Authorization Bearer {authorizationToken}
Content-Type: multipart/form-data:
"file": binary file


Status: 200
Content-type: JSON
  "Url": "https://full.size.url",
  "UrlPreview": "https://preview.url",
  "UrlThumbnail": "https://thumbnail.url",
  "CdnUrl": "https://cdn.full.size.url",
  "CdnUrlPreview": "https://cdn.preview.url",
  "CdnUrlThumbnail": "https://cdn.thumbnail.url",
  "Width": "800",
  "Height": "600",
  "Size": "4834",
  "MimeType": "image/png",
  "CreationTimestamp": "1465901311933"