Accelerate the Value of Data

Tasks API

REST API for running Reltio tasks in the background.

A task is a Reltio REST API background process used in cases when you have large tasks that cannot be completed within one REST request (for example, re-indexing).

Note: By default, any changes made by tasks (except for UpdateAttributesTask) do not go into the activity log. Optionally, this behavior can be changed for ReCleanseDataTask, CassandraCrosswalksConsistencyTask,RelationsDuplicatesTask, RemoveAttributeDuplicatesTask, SurrogateCrosswalksRecalculationTask, DeleteEntitiesByTypeTask, PurgeSourceDataTask, MergeAutoMatchesTask, and RebuildMatchTableTask by setting the useActivityLogInTasks property to true in the physical tenant configuration.

Each task has the following properties:

Table 1. Task Properties
Property Description Type
id Unique ID of the task. String
createdBy ID of the user who created this task. String
createdTime Timestamp when the task was created. UTC timestamp, ms
updatedBy ID of the user who updated this task (for example, who canceled/paused the task). String
updatedTime Timestamp when task was most recently updated. UTC timestamp, ms
name Name of the task. String
startTime Time when the task was started. Date
endTime Time when the task was completed. Date
pausedTime Time when task was paused (only for task with PAUSED status). Date
type Type of task. String
parameters Set of parameters of the task. Map<String, String>
createdOnHost Host name of the API node where the task was created. String
executedOnHost Host name of the API node where the task is being executed / was executed. String
status Status of the task (see a list of possible statuses below). String
currentState Set of fields which represent the current state of the task (for example: numberOfProcessedObjects). Map<String, Object>
duration Duration of the task. String
parallelExecution The task can be executed simultaneously with another task for the same tenant if this property is true. Otherwise, all tasks for the same tenant will be processed one by one (it does not matter how many API nodes are present in the cluster). Default is false. Boolean
nodesGroup Determines the group of nodes where this task can be executed.

Default group: default.

numberOfFailedToPublishEvents When some events generated by the task will fail to be submitted to an external event hub. Integer

Possible statuses:

Note: A new task is put into the SCHEDULED tasks queue. Any free API node able to execute tasks will then start executing this task. Because each API node checks the scheduled tasks every five seconds, task execution may not occur immediately.