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Remove Overcollisioned Tokens

Task to remove overcollisioned tokens.

This task removes all over-collisioned match tokens from the MATCH_TOKEN table and fixes the MATCH_DOCUMENTS table.

Stop and Pause actions are supported. In case of pause, the task starts from the beginning.

Note: Match tables must be rebuilt after RemoveOvercollisionedTokens task is completed.


Administrator role is required:

POST {ApplicationURL}/removeOvercollisionedTokens

Tenant administrator role is required:

POST {ApplicationURL}/api/{tenantId}/removeOvercollisionedTokens
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Required Description
tenantId Yes ID of the tenant to remove over-collisioned Tokens.
remove Yes Set this parameter to true to remove over-collisioned tokens.
distributed No If set to true, the task runs in distributed mode. For more information, see Distributed Mode). The default value is false.
taskPartsCount No Number of tasks that are created for distributed reindexing. Each task reindexes its own part of objects and all of them can be executed on different API nodes in parallel. Recommended value: the count of API nodes which can execute the tasks. The default value is 2.
Note: This parameter is used only in the Distributed mode (distributed=true); otherwise, it is ignored.
mode No Set this parameter to ITERATING_MATCH_DOCUMENTS to check the Match documents table for over collisioned tokens or ITERATING_MATCH_TOKENS to check the Match tokens table for over collisioned tokens. When this parameter is not set, both the checks are done.