Data Validation Function

The Data Validation Function offering ensures data accuracy, improves data quality, and questions the data ingested in the Reltio platform.

Data accuracy is an essential component to track the quality of data. As the volume of data and complexity of systems increase, errors in data become inevitable. Such data errors can lead to incorrect business decisions.

Data Stewards need an easy, time-efficient way to validate the data that they load into the Reltio Connected Cloud as they need to understand the accuracy of the data source. Business users want to identify the problems in the Master Data to meet their business needs.

Therefore, to ensure data accuracy and to improve data quality, the data ingested into the Reltio platform must be questioned or validated. With the Data Validation Function offering, Reltio allows you to validate the ingested data (be it through data sources or human entry) against a set of validation functions and then report the correctness of the data.

Use Cases on Data Validation Function

The table below explains the Data Validation Function use cases.

Table 1. Personas and Use Case Scenario
Persona Use Case
Configurator As a Configurator, you want to configure data validation functions to ensure that the data meets the business needs.
Data Steward As a Data Steward, you must be able to view exceptions for the data that is loaded in the Hub so that the corrective actions can be taken. The data is validated against the rules that the Configurator has configured.
Business User As a Business User, you want to search and identify the data in the Hub that reduces the accuracy of the business decisions.