Address Cleansing Properties

You can use options to configure the Address Cleansing function.

Table 1. Address Cleansing Properties
Name Description
  • This is the default country for Loqate requests.
  • If not specified, USA is used.
loqateLicensedCountry This property defines a list of countries for which the customer is licensed.
  • Based on this, records are cleansed.
  • If the address provided is not from a licensed country, the record is not cleansed.
maxAttributesCombinations This property defines the limit of possible combinations of attribute values to be cleansed when the allValues property is set to true in the inputMapping section of the cleanseConfig in metadata configuration.
opts This property contains a map of options that are passed to Loqate as the opts parameter.
  • The Loqate results classification can be used to pass MinMatchScore (default value is 80) and MinVerificationLevel (default value is 4).
  • These options determine the minimum match score required and the accepted verification level for a cleanse result.
ovOnly This property is used to send OV values for cleansing using the ovOnly parameter in the cleanseFunction section of the tenant configuration.
  • When ovOnly is absent or equals false, Cleanse uses all OV values: "ov":"true" and "ov":"false".
  • When ovOnly equals true, Cleanse uses only the "ov":"true" values.
process This property indicates the process involved in CASS and non-CASS cleansing. The default process is v+g.
  • c+g - Indicates CASS and Geocode cleansing data with the CASS and RDI modules.
  • v+g -Indicates Verify and Geocode standard cleansing.
returnDataByStatus This option is used to get cleanse attributes for all locations that are not verified by the address cleanser. Multiple statuses are separated using a semicolon ( ;). For example, "returnDataByStatus": "Partially Verified;Unverified".
  • Specifies whether unverified statuses must be displayed from the cleanse function.
  • The default value is false. For additional information about returning verification status, see Configuring Return Verification Status.
splitBuildingDeliveryAddrCheck This property helps you control the shifting of Address<n+1> and DeliveryAddress<n+1> attribute values, when Building has the same value as Address1 or DeliveryAddress1. It also helps you ensure that Address1 and DeliveryAddress1 attributes contain valid values.
  • The default value is null or false. With this option set to false, the value of the Address<n+1> attribute is shifted to Address<n> and the values of DeliveryAddress<n+1> attribute are shifted to DeliveryAddress<n>, when Building has the same value as Address1.
  • With this option set to true, only the values of Address<n+1> are shifted to Address<n>, when Building has the same value as Address1. The values of DeliveryAddress<n+1> are shifted to DeliveryAddress<n> only when the DeliveryAddress1 and Building attributes have the same value.
verificationStatusMapping This property denotes the verification status from Loqate.
  • The available verification statuses are Verified, Partially Verified, Unverified, Ambiguous, Conflict, and Reverted.
  • You can declare all of them, a few, or just one of the available verification statuses.

Sample Configuration

  "cleanseFunction": "Loqate",
  "options": {
    "returnUnverifiedStatus": "true",
    "returnDataByStatus": "Partially Verified;Unverified",
    "loqateDefaultCountry": "US",
    "loqateLicensedCountry": "US;us;UNITED STATES;United States;united states;USA;usa;Canada;CA;Australia;AU",
    "process": "c+g+pre",
    "opts": {
          "SuppressAddressFields": [
          "OutputCasing": "Upper",
          "StrictReferenceMatch": "Yes"  
    "maxAttributesCombinations": 100