Understanding the Reltio Identity 360 Data Model

The rich Reltio Identity 360 data model provides a 360 degree view of an individual.

Reltio Identity 360 is an application for mastering personal data. An individual’s details that exist across various sources can be integrated using Reltio Identity 360. Data is mastered using match rules to remove duplicates and generate a golden copy of an individual’s data.

The data model for Reltio Identity 360 individual profile is given below.

Individual Parameter Example
URI configuration/entityTypes/Individual
Label Individual

This entity type represents a person entity.

Abstract false
Data Label Pattern {LastName} {FirstName}
Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description (Labels)
FullName Simple   String Full Name
PrefixName Simple   String Prefix added before the name, for example, Mr., Ms., Dr. and so on.
FirstName Simple   String First Name
MiddleName Simple   String Middle Name
LastName Simple   String Last Name
SuffixName Simple   String Suffix
PreferredName Simple   String Preferred Name
Title Simple   String Title
Nickname Simple   String Nickname
DevicesUsed Simple   String Devices Used
WebCookie D Simple   String Web Cookie ID
DeviceID Simple   String Device ID
AlternateName Nested   String Alternate Name
AlternateName Nested Type String Type Code
AlternateName Nested Description String Type Description
AlternateName Nested FirstName String First Name
AlternateName Nested LastName String Last Name
AlternateName Nested MiddleName String Middle Name
AlternateName Nested Prefix String Prefix
AlternateName Nested Suffix String Suffix
Gender Simple   String Gender
roleType Simple   String Role Type
Ethnicity Simple   String Ethnicity
SocialMedia Nested   String Social Media
SocialMedia Nested ChannelName String Channel Name
SocialMedia Nested Identifier String Identifier
SocialMedia Nested JoinDate Date Join Date
SocialMedia Nested ActiveStatus String Active Status
Phone Nested   String Phone
Phone Nested Type String Type
Phone Nested Number String Number
Phone Nested CountryCode String Country Code
Phone Nested Extension String Extension
Phone Nested FormattedNumber String Formatted Number
Phone Nested Rank Int Rank
Phone Nested AreaCode String Area Code
Phone Nested LocalNumber String Local Number
Phone Nested ValidationStatus String Validation Status
Phone Nested LineType String Line Type
Phone Nested FormatMask String Format Mask
Phone Nested DigitCount Int Digit Count
Phone Nested GeoArea String Geo Area
Phone Nested GeoCountry String Geo Country
Phone Nested Suppress String Suppress
Phone Nested Exception String Exception
Addresses Nested   String Address
Addresses Nested AddressType String Address Type
Addresses Nested AddressInput Blob Address Input
Addresses Nested AddressLine1 String Address Line 1
Addresses Nested AddressLine2 String Address Line 2
Addresses Nested City String City
Addresses Nested StateProvince String State
Addresses Nested Country String Country
Addresses Nested Zip5 String Zip5
Addresses Nested Zip4 String Zip4
Addresses Nested VerificationStatus String Verification Status
Addresses Nested VerificationStatusDetails Blob Verification Status Details
Addresses Nested AVC String AVC
Addresses Nested Latitude String Latitude
Addresses Nested Longitude String Longitude
Addresses Nested DPVConfirmedIndicator String DPV Confirmed Indicator
Addresses Nested ResidentialDelivery String Residential Delivery
Email Nested   String Email
Email Nested Type String Type
Email Nested Email String Email
Email Nested Domain String Domain
Email Nested DomainType String Domain Type
Email Nested Username String Username
Email Nested Rank Int Rank
Email Nested ValidationStatus String Validation Status
Email Nested Active Boolean Active
Email Nested SourceCD String Source CD
Status Simple   String Status
StatusReasonCode Simple   String Status Reason Code
StatusUpdateDate Simple   Date Status Update Date
Education Nested Education   Education
Education Nested SchoolName String School Name
Education Nested Type String Type
Education Nested Degree String Degree
Education Nested GPA Number GPA
Education Nested YearsInProgram Int Years in Program
Education Nested StartYear Int Start Year
Education Nested EndYear Int End Year
Education Nested FieldofStudy String Field of Study
Education Nested YearOfGraduation Int Year of graduation
Education Nested Graduated Boolean Graduated
Education Nested Eligibility String Eligibility
Education Nested EducationType String Type
MaritalStatus Simple   String Marital Status
PrivacyPreferences Nested PrivacyPreferences   Privacy Prefs
PrivacyPreferences Nested OptOut Boolean Opt Out
PrivacyPreferences Nested OptOutStartDate Date Opt Out Start Date
PrivacyPreferences Nested AllowedToContact Boolean Allowed To Contact
PrivacyPreferences Nested PhoneOptOut Boolean Phone Opt Out
PrivacyPreferences Nested EmailOptOut Boolean Email Opt Out
PrivacyPreferences Nested FaxOptOut Boolean Fax Opt Out
PrivacyPreferences Nested TextMessageOptOut Boolean Text Message Opt Out
PrivacyPreferences Nested MailOptOut Boolean Mail Opt Out
Identifiers Nested Identifiers   Identifiers
Identifiers Nested DeactivationReasonCode String Deactivation Reason Code
Identifiers Nested DeactivationDate Date Deactivation Date
Identifiers Nested ReactivationDate Date Reactivation Date
Identifiers Nested Type String Type
Identifiers Nested ID String ID
Identifiers Nested Status String Status
Identifiers Nested ActivationDate Date Activation Date
DoB Simple   Date Date of Birth
YoB Simple   Int Year of Birth
DoD Simple   Date Date of Death
YoD Simple   Int Year of Death
PresumedDead Simple   Boolean Presumed Dead
ImageLinks Simple   Image URL Image Link
VideoLinks Simple   URL Video Link
DocumentLinks Simple   URL Document Link
WebsiteURL Simple   URL Website URL
Description Simple   Blob Description
ImageGallery Nested   Image Image Gallery
ImageGallery Nested Url String Full image url (S3)
ImageGallery Nested CdnUrl String Full image url (CDN)
ImageGallery Nested UrlPreview String Preview image url (S3)
ImageGallery Nested CdnUrlPreview String Preview image url (CDN)
ImageGallery Nested UrlThumbnail String Small image url (S3)
ImageGallery Nested CdnUrlThumbnail String Small image url (CDN)
ImageGallery Nested Width Number Full Image width
ImageGallery Nested Height Number Full Image height
ImageGallery Nested Size Number Size of full image
ImageGallery Nested MimeType String Mime Type
ImageGallery Nested CreationTimestamp Timestamp Creation Timestamp
ImageGallery Nested mpxAccount String MPX Account
ImageGallery Nested imageType String Image Type
ImageGallery Nested Copyright String Copyright
Account Simple   String Account
BirthCity Simple   String Birth City
BirthState Simple   String Birth State
BirthCountry Simple   String Birth Country
DeleteEntity Simple   Boolean Delete Entity
Employment Simple   Reference Employment