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Learn about Reltio multidomain MDM and how it can propel your business forward.

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If you have multiple sources of business data, like customer, supplier, product, and so on, connecting and taking control of your data can make a world of difference in your business. Why not collect and connect all that data so it's at your fingertips? In near real-time? Always?

Want a single, comprehensive platform with the same familiar interface to manage your data across all of your domains? Reltio multidomain MDM can do that for you. No more wasting time switching between different platforms and domains to get to the work you want to do.

Take advantage of these Reltio Connected Data Platform capabilities:
  • Reltio layered model that brings you pre-configured foundational layers, which you can then build on

  • Match, cleanse, and merge to clean and consolidate all your data

  • Survivorship of data types that persists as long as you need it to

  • Data modeling that extends to encompass the depth and breadth of your data

  • Pre-configured versions that can get you going from Day 1

Get going with Reltio multidomain MDM and the Reltio Connected Data Platform. See these topics Learn about multidomain MDM and Get to know the Reltio information model.