Accelerate the Value of Data

Reltio object types

Learn about Reltio’s predefined object types: entities, interactions, and relationships.

Reltio’s predefined object types uniquely enable you to bring the three fundamental types of data into your Reltio Connected Data Platform. These object types form the basis of the data interactions and come preconfigured to help you quickly take advantage of the linkages established between them.

To start with, the fundamental object types give you plenty of functionality. Then you can incorporate other functions into your tenants by adding your own objects. For more information, see Reltio L3 Layer -- Customer tenant.

You decide which definitions take precedence

You have options for determining the precedence of object definitions. The Reltio MDM hierarchy of layers enables the L3 definitions to take precedence over the definitions in the L2 layer, which in turn take precedence over those in the L1 layer. But keep in mind that any object modifications you make in the L3 merge and extend that object’s previous definition.