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Integrations and data enrichment for Healthcare

Learn about the connectors you can use to integrate and enrich data in Reltio for Healthcare.

Reltio for Healthcare provides prebuilt connectors, prepackaged automation workflows, flexible embedding options, and powerful APIs for operations, which you can use to map structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data between client and external systems.

The Reltio for Healthcare velocity pack includes this prebuilt connector to exchange data with third-party data systems:
  • NPI dataset: The NPI data tenant enables users to obtain master data of healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, and their locations. It contains the full database of associated NPI attributes fully mapped to the corresponding standard Reltio values.

This diagram illustrates how you can use these features to exchange data between Reltio for Healthcare and third-party data systems.

These integrations are available as an add-on and are ready to use with your NPI data tenant out of the box--no configuration required! For more information on enriching data with external datasets, see topic Subscribe to third-party DaaS datasets. For details on the dataset preconfigured for use with Reltio for Healthcare, see topic NPI DaaS dataset for Healthcare .