Accelerate the Value of Data

Define hierarchies

Learn how to define L1-L3 hierarchies with the Hierarchy Management facet in the Profile view.


As a Data Steward, you may want to work with the hierarchical data just like you work with entities or relationships. You can add the Hierarchy Management facet to the Profile view and see the roots of the current node as a hierarchical tree.


The Hierarchy Management facet provides the following benefits:

  • Enhances the efficiency of data stewards by allowing them to make changes or suggest changes to the existing hierarchical structure easily.
  • Allows you to drag and drop entities at individual/node levels to make changes without having to select each child entity within a node.

Getting Started

You can view the Hierarchy Management facet either in Classic or New mode. To switch between these modes, you can use the UI Modeler application in Console. For more information, see Hierarchy Management Facet Settings.

Note: Starting with the 2020.2 GA release, when you create a new Hierarchy management facet, it is created in the New mode, by default. Reltio plans to deprecate the older version (Classic mode) of Hierarchy facet. For more information, see topicSay farewell to departing features. When the older version is deprecated, the option to switch between the modes will be removed.