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Create a reference attribute

Learn how to create a reference attribute.

You need to have the ROLE_API role to create a new attribute. For more information, see topic ROLE_API Access permissions.

The Reference attribute type enables you to use attributes from one entity type on another entity type. Promoting attribute reuse saves you time. It streamlines the definition of relationships between entity types in your data model. For more information on the Reference attribute type, see section Reference attribute type.

Watch this video — it complements the steps below.

To create a Reference attribute:
  1. On the Reltio app selector, navigate to and select Console > Data Modeler.
  2. Select the Entity type for which you want to create the new Reference attribute.
  3. In the Attributes page, select Create New.
  4. Change the default Simple to the Reference attribute type.
  5. Complete the fields in the Overview section:
    1. Enter a suitable Name, Display name, and Relationship types. Define (optionally) a Description for the attribute.
      If you want to know more about Relationship types, see topic Reltio relationship types.
      The optional Description will appear on the Attribute page, and on the View info panel.
    2. Choose a Relationship type from the drop-down list. You'll only be able to choose from the set of relationship types allowed for that entity type.
    3. Toggle on the following attribute properties if you want to enable them:
      Hidden: to hide the attribute from the Reltio Hub and API.
      Searchable: to display the attribute on the Advanced Search.
      Faceted: to display the attribute on the Faceted Search.
      Required: to make it mandatory to enter a value for the attribute.
    4. Select Next.
  6. Complete the fields in the Relationship attributes section:
    1. Find and select the Relationship attributes that you want to add as Reference attribute.
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    2. Select Next.
  7. Complete the fields in the Referenced entity types section:
    1. Choose the entity type from the drop-down list that you want to reference, and then find and select the Referenced entity attributes that you want to add as reference attributes.
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    2. Select Next.
  8. Complete the fields in the Summary section:
    1. Fill in the Data Label Pattern.
      We use this pattern to build your attribute value label.
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      {LastName},{FirstName},{MiddleInitial} will appear as: "Doe, John M".
    2. Select Next to complete the Referenceattribute creation process.

Your Reference type attribute is created, and you can find it at the bottom of your list for the current entity type.