Accelerate the Value of Data

Configuring Survivorship in the Hub

You can configure survivorship rules in the hub.

A business user can set survivorship rules from the Sources View of any entity, as shown here:

  1. Select the "Sources" tab to view survivorship rules.
  2. The "Rule type" column displays the current rule being used to assign the value for each attribute.
  3. The rule assigned to the attribute can be changed by selecting the drop down.
Note: If the rule is changed, it is persisted until the configuration is updated. Till then, it returns to the value specified in the configuration file (including any default values).

  1. If the "gear" icon of a Source System rule is selected, the "Source Sequence" dialog appears.
  2. The Source sequence dialog enables a user to specify the priority order for the source that must be used to assign values to attributes. In the example, the value from MOCA is used if exists, else value from IMS plan is used.
  3. The priority order can be changed by dragging and moving the sources as required.