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Configuring Return Verification Status

You can configure Reltio to output unverified results of reviewed verification statuses containing the reason for the verification failure.

To achieve that, perform the following steps:

  1. In the output mapping of the cleanse configuration, ensure that the DeliveryAddress1 attribute does not have a mandatory option set to true.
  2. Check that the configuration/survivorshipStrategies/CleanserWinsStrategy survivorship strategy has the winnerSourceAttributesproperty property. This property contains the configuration/entityTypes/Location/attributes/AddressLine1 attribute. If it is not found, add it.
    "survivorshipStrategies": [
        "URI": "configuration/survivorshipStrategies/CleanserWinsStrategy",
        "label": "Reltio Cleanser or Nothing",
        "winnerSourceType": "configuration/sources/ReltioCleanser",
        "winnerSourceAttributes": [
  3. Set the returnUnverifiedStatus option to true in your cleanse configuration.
    Note: If the option is set to true, the system returns the address verification status fields which can be used to determine the quality and accuracy of the processed input address. For more information, see Address cleansing status fields.