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Reltio Enrichment with MedPro

Learn about Reltio Enrichment with MedPro to integrate your HCP and HCO data.

Reltio Enrichment with MedPro helps you solve difficult data challenges in managing, validating, and enriching Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Healthcare Organization (HCO) data in your Healthcare or Life Sciences company. Enrich and validate data in your Reltio tenant with key licensing and demographic information using the Reltio Enrichment with MedPro data's remediation workbench for streamlined commercial data governance.

This image depicts the integration between Reltio and MedPro system.

Data enrichment with MedPro Integration

Reltio Enrichment with MedPro Integration automates the data exchange between Reltio and the MedPro system using the MedProID® BulkID solution to:
Verify HCP
Confirm the State licensing status, Key identifiers, Specialty, Address, Sampleability, and more for federal, state, and international regulatory compliance.
Verify HCO
Access Address, Class of Trade, and Licensing data acquired directly from the Department of Health, State Boards, and other authoritative source to validate product shipments and distributions.
Augment data
Eliminate duplicate records, append missing key identifiers, and add demographic data with ongoing proactive attribute updates to maintain clean and accurate Customer Master and MDM data.
Build affiliations and relationships
Build affiliations and relationships for HCP and HCO entities that have the same address with the prebuilt integration with the Reltio for Life Sciences velocity pack. For more information, see topic Preconfigured User Interface for Product.

When you upload your HCP and HCO license data to Reltio, MedPro BulkID scrubs all records, eliminating duplicate entries and appending any missing or mismatched key identifiers. MedProID acquires all data directly from authoritative federal, state, and industry sources, providing a trusted, single source of truth for your compliance and commercial operations. The interface supports data exports from Relio to the MedPro SFTP server via scheduled or ad hoc jobs in Reltio Enrichment with MedPro’ s defined standard-10 format. Similarly, Reltio Enrichment with MedPro monitors and schedules ad hoc jobs to export enriched customer data into Reltio in the standard-80 column format.

Data enrichment sources

Reltio Enrichment with MedPro maintains distinct healthcare practitioner (HCP) and healthcare organization (HCO) databases. To enable record matching, the integration separates the HCP and HCO records into different inbound extracts.

MedPro's Bulk ID processing Is used against a specific data source, which uses the profiles of data sources linked together across sources for matching.

Reltio maintains the third-party data enrichment sources it has verified in its preconfigured Reltio for Life Sciences. This table lists these sources that Reltio Enrichment with MedPro supports.

AMA - American Medical AssociationYesNo
BEST - Best Info ID SegmentYesNo
CDS - Controlled Drug SubstanceYesYes
DEA - Drug Enforcement AgencyYesYes
HIN - Health Industry NumberNoYes
MPC - MedPro Physician CompareYesNo
MPV - MedPro Verified DataYesNo
NCPDP - National Council for Prescription Drug ProgramsNoYes
NPI - National Provider IdentifierYesYes
SLN - State License InformationYesYes
SSI - State Specific InformationYesYes