Accelerate the Value of Data

View Data Analysis Information about a Job

You can view the basic statistics about a job from the summary information on the Pending or Completed tabs.

Important: This functionality is not available in new tenants provisioned on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud after April 15, 2024, for existing tenants provisioned on the AWS cloud after June 17, 2024, and for new or existing tenants provisioned on the Azure or Google Cloud Platform after October 14, 2024.

For a Pending job, the record statistics display the number of Loaded, Processing, and Failed records. If the DCR creation is enabled for the job, the number of DCR created records will display instead of the number of Loaded records.

Note: When you hover your mouse pointer over the More options menu, Job actions appear. By clicking the Job actions, you can open additional options like Stop job and Refresh status.
  • Stop job - Stops a job in progress. A confirmation message appears indicating the Data load job is scheduled to stop.

  • Refresh status - Refreshes the status of a job. You can use this action if you feel the job status has not been updated for a long time. A confirmation message appears indicating that the Refresh status request has been acknowledged.

View Data Analysis Information

For a completed job, the record statistics display the number of Loaded, Failed, and Empty records.

Users with admin privileges can view the job statuses and analyses for all jobs that were initiated by any users within their respective tenants to provide enhanced visibility and troubleshooting abilities to system administrators. If you are a Non-admin user, you can access similar information for only the jobs you have created.

You can view information, such as the selected filename, number of records, mapped columns, and so on.

The information about a job is available after the job is completed or even when it is pending.

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Jobs.
  2. On the right-side, click COMPLETED or PENDING.
  3. Click on a square box that represents a job to open the analysis information window.

  4. Click DETAILS to view details about the job.
    This screen provides information similar to the Review page when you create a job definition. If the job has completed with errors, then you can download the error file from this page as highlighted below:

    The error file is available in the CSV file format and it contains all the input attributes along with the error messages. Currently, each error file can contain 1000 records. If the number of records exceeds 1000, then a new error file is created. A sample of an error file is as follows:

    A much more detailed analysis of the data that has been loaded into the platform through a given job is available by selecting it and accessing the Analysis tab.