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Sort and Filter Jobs

You can find out more about Data Loader jobs that are scheduled to run in the future, are currently in progress, or have previously been completed in the Job Status view.

To more effectively find and review the details of one or more jobs, sort and filter the displayed list of jobs on the PENDING or COMPLETED tabs as required.

To sort and filter your job details on the Data Loader Job Status dashboard:

  1. Open your tenant in Data Loader.
    1. From the Applications menu, select Console.
    2. From the Tenant Management section, select the Data Loader application.
  2. Open the Job Status page in either of the following ways:
    • For drafts or completed jobs:
      1. On the left navigation panel, select Job Definitions.
      2. Select either the DRAFTS or COMPLETED tab.
      3. For the desired job, click More Options > Edit.
      4. On the Review page, select Load Data then navigate to Upload > Map > Define > Review > Job status.


    • For pending or completed jobs
      1. On the left navigation bar, click Job Status.
      2. Select either the PENDING or COMPLETED tab.

    By default, the list is sorted in descending order based on the Date Created, which indicates the most recent jobs appearing at the top.

  3. Click on the sort & filter icon in the upper-right corner of the following image:

  4. In the displayed panel arrange the way you want to display data.

    Sort by: Select the desired attribute in either ascending or descending order:

    • Job Name
    • Job Status
    • Date created
  5. User can sort and filter jobs based on who created them. On the filter panel, when sorting is applied (or if it is not required) you can filter jobs by:
    • Job type
    • Data type
    • Job Status
    • Created By
    You can select the desired value from the corresponding dropdown list(s).
  6. Under Job Type, you can filter on regular dataload jobs or jobs for which the enable DCR creation parameter is enabled. The Data type can be a job to load entities or relationships. You can also filter the different statuses that a job goes through by using the Job Status option. You can filter out the jobs using Created By to see jobs based on the user(s) that created them.

    Note: The filter options for Job Status are different between the PENDING tab and the COMPLETED tab.
  7. The filter options for job status are different for Pending and Completed job.
    Table 1. Job Status
    Job Status Description
    Job Status On the filter panel, when sorting is applied, you can filter jobs by the following job statuses:
    • Pending
    • Completed
    Pending Examples for Pending job status are, Scheduled, Job Executed, DCR_Load_In Progress, File_Download_Finished and so on.
    Completed Examples of Completed job status are. Error, Completed, Stopped, Completed_With_Errors, and so on.
  8. In the PENDING tab, see the following Job Status:
    For example, JOB_EXECUTED or SAVED and so on.

  9. In the COMPLETED tab, select Job Status for a Completed job. Various options for Job Status are COMPLETED, STOPPED, and so on.