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Profile comments

Reltio Platform collaboration provides robust and intuitive comments functionality.

You can collaborate on Profiles, attributes and nested attributes, relations, and potential matches. Key features include:

  • Leave comments and mention a user in your comments (+<username>)
  • Reply to comments
  • Resolve comments
  • Receive email notifications for comments
  • Search for entities that contain comments
  • View all comments (All comments are public)


Reltio platform provides an overview of all comments for a Profile in the Discussions tab in the Profile view.

Add Comments

Hover over an element to display the icon to add a comment.

View Comments

After adding a comment, Reltio platform displays an icon adjacent to the commented item in the Profile view. The icon also displays the number of comments in the comment thread (the original comment plus any replies).

Comment Actions

Click the Comments icon to show the comment thread and edit, reply, or resolve the comment.

Reply to a Comment

To reply to a comment, type a reply into the reply field and click Reply.

Edit or remove your comment

You can edit or remove your comment in the Collaboration tab on the right pane. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to cancel your edits.

Mention a User in a Comment

Type "+" followed by a username to mention a Reltio Cloud user in the comment. The user receives an email notification when mentioned.

Note: In order for the person's name to pop up and for the person to receive a notification, the person must have access to this tenant via a user profile in the Reltio Cloud.

Resolve a Comment

Click Resolve to resolve the comment thread.

Re-open a Comment

To re-open a resolved comment:

  1. Open the comment in the profile.
  2. Click Re-open.

Searching for Entities that Contain Comments

You can use the Advanced Search window to find records that contain collaborative comments.

Important: Comment Searching must be enabled in the L3 configuration file before you can search for comments. See Enabling Comment Searching below for more information.

To search for profiles that contain comments:

  1. Go to Advanced search.

  2. Choose the desired operator from the drop-down list. See Advanced Search for details about each of the operators in this drop-down list.
  3. Enter a value to search for the desired commenter.
  4. Select Search.


  • To search for comments from all people whose names start with Jo, you can choose Starts With from the operator drop-down list in the Collaboration section of the Advanced Search window and enter Jo in the value field.
  • To search for all records that contain comments, you can select Exists from the operator drop-down list in the Collaboration section of the Advanced Search window.

Enabling Comment Searching

To enable the ability to search for comments, Your L3 Configuration file must be modified to add an attribute, "Commenters" to each entity type for which you wish to be able to search for collaborative comments.

Here is an example of an L3 Configuration file that has the Commenters attribute added for the Organization entity type:

"label": "Commenters",
"name": "Commenters",
"description": "Commenters",
"type": "String",
"hidden": true,
"important": false,
"system": false,
"attributeOrdering": {
"orderType": "ASC",
"orderingStrategy": "LUD"
"uri": "configuration/entityTypes/Organization/attributes/Commenters",
"skipInDataAccess": false