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Filtering activities

Learn about filtering the potential matches API.


To use the filter parameters, use the following request:

filter=({Condition Type}[AND/OR {Condition Type}]*)

When an operation supports the filter parameter - for example, with Activities Search - a set of activities returned by that operation are filtered with the filter condition. The wildcard (*) enables you to combine multiple conditions with the logical operators AND & OR. The following Condition Types table explains the types that are available for use with the filter parameter:

Table 1. Condition types
Condition TypeSyntaxDescription of Condition Types
equalsequals(property, value)Defines the exact match condition.
equalsCaseSensitiveequalsCaseSensitive(property, value)Defines the exact match condition considering case.
containsWordStartingWithcontainsWordStartingWith(property, tokenized value)Defines the prefix condition. It returns activities that have condition property starting with condition value.
startsWithstartsWith(property, restricted value)Defines the prefixed condition type. It returns entities that have the condition property starting with condition value.
missingmissing(property)Returns activities with fields that have no values for a property, or the property value is empty.
existsexists(property)Returns activities having some not empty value for the property.
rangerange(property, from, to)Returns activities having the property within the specified range.
gtgt(property, value)Returns activities having property greater than the specified value.
ltlt(property, value)Returns activities having property less than the specified value.
gtegte(property, value)Returns activities having property greater than or equals the specified value.
ltelte(property, value)Returns activities having property less than or equals the specified value.
notnotThis operator negates a condition and can be used with other operators.

When a condition is entered within the filter, the property of the condition must also be given. Enter a dot-delimited path to the property to be used with the filter. You can filter by the following properties:

  • timestamp
  • user
  • items.objectUri
  • items.objectType
  • relevance

  • actionLabel

  • relevanceScores.relevance

  • relevanceScores.actionLabel

    To filter by all properties, specify attributes for the property. Searching by multiple conditions are supported with AND and OR conditions.

    Note: When you specify the criteria for a search request:
    • Give the correct search parameters. Search is case-sensitive for all fields except the label.
    • Replace "+" with %2B in your application client request. For example, to search for some+d-423type, use usefilter=equals(attributes,'some%2Bd-423type').
  1. Filter by object type:
  2. Filter by user:
  3. Filter by a String across all properties:
  4. Find activities with items without object type:
  5. Find activities that happened after 01-Apr-2022:
    filter=gt(timestamp, 1648771200000)
  6. Find activities that happened between 01-Mar-2022 and 01-Apr-2022: