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External match API - Azure

Use this API to get information on potential matches in a tenant for entities that are added to the tenant from an external file.

Use the external match API to match records stored externally in a file with entities in a Reltio tenant. To use this API, you must provide an input file that contains the records to be matched that can be stored in Azure blob storage.

The following sections provide information on the body parameters for Azure. For information on the common request API, request parameters and the input and output file formats, see topic External match API.

  • Entities must be represented as a JSON array in an Azure file.
  • Each entity JSON should be on a separate line of an Azure file.

Body parameters

The following body parameters are used to authorize access to Azure blob storage. You can either provide a combination of the azureStorageAccountName and azureSasToken or the azureStorageAccountName and azureStorageAccountKey.

azureStorageContainerYesThe name of the Azure blob container.
azureStorageAccountNameYesThe name of the storage account that is used to read files from or write results to the blob.
azureStorageAccountKeyYesThe Azure storage account key that you generate or your storage account key.
azureSasTokenYesA shared Access Signature (SAS) that gives you secure delegated access to resources in your storage account.