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Proactive Monitoring System for Match Rules

Learn about the Proactive Monitoring System that manages match rules processing performance.

The Proactive Monitoring System continuously monitors match rules processing and automatically bypasses rules that are likely to hinder performance. The system continuously inspects match rules for potentially performance-hindering issues, such as an excessive number of match tokens after you change the data. It dynamically evaluates match rules against tenant-specific performance criteria and if it identifies any that could potentially slow down the match process it skips over them in future match rules processing until you take action.

Receive a notification whenever the Proactive Monitoring System bypasses a poorly performing match rule by subscribing to match rule notifications.

The Match Rules tab in the Data Modeler highlights any bypassed match rules and indicates the performance issue that caused the Proactive Monitoring System to bypass it during match rules processing. All you need to do to get your match rule back in the game is fix the reported problem.

Let’s see how the Proactive Monitoring System evaluates match rules for potential performance issues. The first thing to know is the evaluation rules are not one-size-fits all; they are specific to your tenant. Each time you load data into your system, for every match rule that is processed over a period of time (identified as the Observation Window in this illustration), the Proactive Monitoring System runs two inspections on records that were created, changed, or deleted:
  • Number of tokens generated for entities exceeds the set threshold.

    When a match rule generates large numbers of token phrases for many entities, the platform slows down due to an unusual number of match evaluations for entities.

  • Number of tokens shared between entities exceeds the set threshold.

    When token phrases are shared by a large number of entities, the platform must run an unusual number of match evaluations for entities, which causes excessive collisions.

If a match rule fails one or both of these inspections, the Proactive Monitoring System bypasses the rule, highlights it in the Match Rules tab, and generates a notification (if you have subscribed to this service). Find and fix the problem, and the match rule is automatically included in match processing again.