Accelerate the Value of Data

What to know before you set off

Learn how to set up a Reltio Connected Data Platform.

Welcome aboard!

Now that you've learned about the Reltio Connected Data Platform and gotten your bearings, you're ready to move forward. To give you the 1000 foot view, take a look at a high-level perspective of the path you'll take. Then you'll be ready to start diving deeper.

Check out this high-level workflow you'll follow to get your data loaded into the Reltio platform: Data Loader workflow.

Reltio delivery methodology

Reltio provides our delivery methodology to you through the use of modules.

For more information, see Reltio Delivery Methodology Modules.

Provision your tenant

In the Reltio layered MDM model, your tenant is your Reltio L3 layer. That's the level you configure and provision. That is, unless you want to take a head start by using one of the Reltio solution accelerators.

The Reltio platform offers a number of solutions. Your new tenants come pre-configured with the solutions which most closely matches your business objectives.

  • Reltio Identity 360 - The free account to support individual accounts.

  • Reltio for Customer Data (B2B) - To support B2B business processes and organization mastering.

  • Reltio for Consumer Data (B2C) - To support managing of your consumer type customers.

  • Reltio for Life Sciences HCO/HCP - To support managing life sciences business processes with HCO (Healthcare Organizations) and HCP (Healthcare Professionals).

  • Reltio for Life Sciences Products - To support managing life sciences business processes with products.

  • Reltio for Insurance - To support managing of your insurance customers.

The assets that comprise the applications are available on the Reltio Open Collaboration System (ROCS).