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Importing UI Configuration Files

You can use the Import feature to import updated UI configuration files into Reltio.

  1. From Console, select UI Modeler.

    The UI Modeler application is displayed.

  2. From the left navigation menu, select Import/Export UI Config Files.

    The Import/export UI Config files page is displayed.

    The File name, Last updated by, and Last updated date details are displayed.

  3. Select the configuration file for which the new version must be imported and replaced by clicking the checkbox next to it.
  4. Click Import & Replace.

    The Select file page is displayed.

  5. In the Browse File field, select the updated configuration file that must be imported and replaced.
  6. Click Continue. The Review page is displayed. The application displays a comparison of the current configuration and the imported configuration. You can scroll through the changes, review them, and decide whether to confirm the changes or cancel the process.
  7. Click Replace. This action will replace the current configuration with the Imported configuration file.


    Click Back. You will go back to the Import/export UI config files page.

  8. Click Publish. The changes are published.
Note: Changes made to the configuration files must be published after they are imported into the application. These changes are similar to other changes made as part of UI Modeler.