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Reltio Analytics, Reporting, Data Science, and Connected Data for Snowflake deprecation notice - Nov 2023

Learn how to migrate from legacy to new Analytics, Reporting, Data Science and Snowflake products.

Get ready to forge new connections.

At Reltio, we periodically deprecate older products, features, and services. In certain cases, we replace them with new and improved products. We plan to deprecate the legacy products listed in this topic in November 2023. We're offering you migration paths from these legacy products to new and improved replacement products that are available now.

What are we deprecating?

When are we deprecating them?

The end-of-life date for these legacy products is 30-Nov-2023. The Reltio Product and Engineering team will no longer maintain or support these products after this date.

What kind of support can we expect before this deprecation date?

We will continue to provide support for routine maintenance and quality assurance on current operational features as well as emergency bug fixes for issues that occur in your production environments. The support escalation procedures will stay the same. However, we won't make any more enhancements or improvements to these products from 30-Nov-2022 onward.

Why are we deprecating them?

We refactored our architecture to enhance data consistency, performance, and security features that these legacy products couldn't offer or guarantee to customers.

We have designed potential replacement products to:
  • Enhance the most critical data security, consistency, and performance features requested by customers within their current products.

  • Implement additional features that significantly improve speed, accuracy, and monitoring.

  • Provide features to support backwards compatibility and help ease customer migration efforts.

What are we replacing them with?

The new and improved replacement products are:
  • Reltio Snowflake Connector

  • Reltio Google BigQuery (GBQ) Connector

How are the new connectors different?

We are using a new architectural approach to develop high-performance connectors. The new connectors stream data in a near real-time fashion, so there are no issues with data consistency.

These connectors are purpose built to deliver Reltio data into customer-managed analytics systems and provide compatible data structures that you won't have to create or manage.

These new connectors will give you more control over security and administration processes to manage your analytics warehouse environments. You can take care of various self-service tasks, such as adding a new user or increasing performance parameters, by yourself without needing to contact Reltio Support.

Are these new products production-ready now?

Yes, the new Reltio for Snowflake and GBQ Connectors are GA and ready for production.

What replacement products do we recommend?

Here are our specific product recommendations for each specific legacy product. Contact your CSM to coordinate with the Reltio Product team for specific guidance on available or planned product replacements.

Recommended Alternatives
Deprecated product(available now)(available later)
Reltio Analytics

Reltio Reporting

  • Reltio Snowflake Connector

  • Reltio Google BigQuery Connector

  • Reltio Snowflake Connector

  • Reltio Google BigQuery Connector

Reltio Connected Data for Snowflake
  • Reltio Snowflake Connector
  • Reltio Snowflake Connector

Reltio Data Science
  • Reltio Data Science (Databricks-hosted as of 03-Aug-2022)

  • Reltio Snowflake Connector

  • Reltio Google BigQuery Connector

  • Reltio Databricks Connector

  • Reltio Snowflake Connector

  • Reltio Google BigQuery Connector

Do the new connectors provide OOTB Reltio reports?

The majority of legacy out-of-the-box (OOTB) reports offered in Reltio Reporting are now available for display and configuration in the new Reltio UI. However, we realize there is a need for more extensive reporting capabilities for our analytics customers.

The new connector products will include a reporting feature that offers you the ability to build your own Reltio data reports using the native business intelligence (BI) tools that Google BigQuery and Snowflake offer: Google Studio and Snowsight. We will provide documentation on how to get started building these reports along with a reusable template that highlights example queries, which you can leverage to own, customize, and further drill-down to satisfy any additional reporting needs.

What backwards compatibility do the new products offer?

The products can be configured to represent the same tables/views that display the majority of the Reltio data types that the legacy products currently support.This is to prevent customer rework for customer analysis or workstreams derived from legacy products, such as reports based on legacy Reltio Analytics GBQ tables.

As mentioned above, we are replacing Reltio Reporting with a reporting template in our new connector products that demonstrates an example report from one of the existing legacy reports and provides documentation on how you can replicate these types of reports for other use cases you may have. Reltio Workflow and Activity Log data types will be available by 21-Jun-23 to address any additional migration needs you may have.

How will the migration process work?

Reltio will engage its support team and/or external partners to assist with the majority of migration efforts, by default. Reltio's product and engineering team will work behind the scenes to ensure success. Customers need to allocate at least 1-2 internal staff members to coordinate with internal partners to plan the migration from the customer's perspective, provide requested inputs for Reltio to perform the migration, and validate the migration results. If requested, Reltio can also provide an option to accelerate the migration by using its Professional Services team.

How long will the migration take?

The average migration timeline is 12 weeks and is primarily dependent on customer involvement, participation, and needs to accelerate or decelerate the timeline.

Reltio can offer its professional services team to accelerate the migration timeline based on customer needs. With Reltio's Professional Services involved, the timeline would be scoped out with the customer. Please contact your Reltio CSM for more details.

Do I have to stop my existing products during the migration?

No, you can set up and tune the new connector products in parallel with existing product operations. The migration process will not affect how your current products are running today. In fact, as part of the migration process, we can specify validation steps to compare current products to the new ones if desired.

How much do the new alternative products cost?

Please contact your CSM for product pricing and migration details.

What happens if I choose not to migrate?

To clarify your question and understand all the details needed to make this decision, we recommend you contact your CSM to coordinate a session with the Reltio Product team. Reltio wants to provide the best path forward for you to ensure a seamless transition. In the event that our offered migration path does not work best for you, we suggest that you plan accordingly to enable other options before the 30-Nov-2023 deprecation date.

Still have questions?

If you need more information about the migration process and product roadmap for these new connectors, contact your CSM. Your CSM can advise next steps and coordinate with the appropriate Reltio teams to start the migration process and provide product roadmap details for our new offerings.