Configuring Return Verification Status

You can configure Reltio to output unverified results of reviewed verification statuses containing the reason for the verification failure.

To achieve that, perform the following steps:

  1. In the output mapping of the cleanse configuration, ensure that the DeliveryAddress1 attribute does not have a mandatory option set to true.
  2. Check that the configuration/survivorshipStrategies/CleanserWinsStrategy survivorship strategy has the winnerSourceAttributesproperty property. This property contains the configuration/entityTypes/Location/attributes/AddressLine1 attribute. If it is not found, add it.
    "survivorshipStrategies": [
        "URI": "configuration/survivorshipStrategies/CleanserWinsStrategy",
        "label": "Reltio Cleanser or Nothing",
        "winnerSourceType": "configuration/sources/ReltioCleanser",
        "winnerSourceAttributes": [
  3. Set the returnUnverifiedStatus option to true in your cleanse configuration.