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Data model for Healthcare

Learn about the entities, attributes, and relationship types included in the Reltio for Healthcare data model.

In addition to Reltio core entity types, the Reltio for Healthcare Data Model provides a predefined set of entity types (based on Reltio abstract entity types) with specific attributes, relationship types, and interaction types relevant to the Healthcare domain.

This diagram illustrates the relationship between these entity types and attributes in the Reltio for Healthcare Data Model.

Reltio designed velocity packs to give you a head start. Your industry-specific pack comes fully configured with the components and rules you will need to realize value in as few as 90 days. If you need to modify it in any way, Reltio Support can help. We do recommend you discuss your configuration changes with Reltio Professional Services or a Reltio partner to ensure they align to the Reltio Way Delivery Methodology. For more information, see topic Preconfigured User Interface for Healthcare.

For general information on entity, attribute, relationship, and interaction types, see topic Reltio object types. For details of those provided with the Reltio for Healthcare velocity pack, see the subtopics in this section.