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Analyze Match Rules

You can analyze the match rules to get better potential matches for your entities.

The Analyze Match Rules feature analyzes the configured match rules and can provide suggestions for improvement.

Analyze Match Rules for Entities

You can use the Analyze Match Rule button to analyze the match rules for either a single entity or multiple entities at the same time. The details given below explain the match rules analysis process.

Note: You must have the MDM.tasks.match - EXECUTE resource privilege to work with this functionality. If the Analyze Match Rules button appears disabled, check whether your role has the required permissions. Also, the Analyze Match Rules button may appear disabled when the entities do not have any match rules configured.
  1. To analyze the match rules for all the entity type at one go, click the button on the Entity types page.

    On clicking this button, an analysis report in "html" format is downloaded to your system.

    Note: The naming convention of the resultant file is set to "S3BucketName_TenantID_Entity_CurrentDateandTime". In case of all entities, the name of the entity is skipped.

    The file displays the analysis in a table format. The Comment lists the suggestions for the match rules that are analyzed. See the sample given below.

    The analysis report may have any of the following colors. At a high-level, the color codes represent the explanations given below.
    • GREEN - This indicates that the rule is configured by following the supported syntax and the analyzer has not found any major issue with the configuration.
    • YELLOW - This indicates that the rule is identified either or has some similarities with an existing rule (for which the additional information is provided in the Comment column).
    • BLUE - This indicates that some of the operators used in the match rules could be either wrong or inefficient and you must follow the guidance provided in the Comment column.
  2. Alternatively, to analyze the match rules for a single entity, click the button on the RULES page.

For more information, see the Analyzing Match Rules topic.