Accelerate the Value of Data


As part of the Reltio Account 360 solution accelerator, pre-built mapping of organization attributes with D&B APIs is provided out-of-the-box.

The connector uses mapping files to convert DnB response to Reltio entities. The Files structures of Reltio Enrichment with D&B Mapping explains the mapping files that connector uses.

The mapping is a configurable file available with the Reltio Enrichment with D&B configuration of your tenant.

Mapping transforms the Reltio specific JSON into D&B specific JSON structure and vice versa. Reltio Enrichment with D&B uses the following JOLT library for such transformation:

The Reltio Enrichment with D&B API Request flow provides details about the flow between Reltio Enrichment with D&B API requests to post data to Reltio tenant.

Reltio also provides a set of self-service APIs to configure and update the mappings for the following tasks.

  • On Demand Process
    • Get Match
    • Get Company Details (Enrichment)
    • Get Family Tree (Upward Corporate Hierarchy)
  • Batch Enrichment
  • Filter Criteria for Batch Process