Accelerate the Value of Data

Download source file

Learn how to download the source file. On the job details page, you can access the uploaded job files for downloading the source file link.

You can subsequently download the source file for a Data Loader job using the Download File link on the Job Information page if it isn’t altered or moved from its original location. The Download File link helps you access the uploaded source file associated with this job. After you’ve downloaded the source file, you can triage the issues in the source data from the Data Loader. Sort and filter jobs by the user that created them in the Job Status Dashboard. On the job details page, download the job files the job creator has previously uploaded.
Note: The Download Source File option is available only for Completed Jobs.
  1. Select the Completed tab.
  2. Select the Job Status as Completed.

    On the Job Status page, the jobs, which are completed will be shown. The tooltip on the main Job Status page will show the status.

  3. Click any specific job.
    The Job Information with Mapping Summary will be displayed.
    Note: By default, the Details tab will be selected.

    You can see the attributes count below the pie chart in the Mapping summary.

  4. Click the Download File link.

    The source file will be downloaded.

  5. Select Analysis tab. The list of attributes will be displayed to analyze the data we’ve uploaded.