Accelerate the Value of Data

The Workflow tab

View the workflow tasks assocaited with the profile.

A workflow task is basically a series of predetermined sequential steps a user needs to perform to carry out a business objective. For example, you can create workflow tasks to review potential matches or review data that has been recommended for deletion. For more information, see Overview of Workflow.

The following page appears on the right side of the Profile view, when you click the Workflow tab.

In the Workflow tab, you can view all the workflow tasks initiated for the selected profile. You can also add new workflow tasks for a profile and assign it to the relevant user.

You can view all tasks for the selected profile. If you are the user to whom this task is assigned, then you can perform further workflow actions (based on what the task is).

Reltio automatically creates a workflow task when the following transactions take place:

  • In the Potential Matches perspective, if you select a profile for potential match and ask for a review, a Potential Match Review workflow task is created.

  • If you have made any changes in the Profile view using the Suggesting mode, Reltio automatically creates a DCR workflow task.

As mentioned earlier, you can also create a new workflow task for the selected profile. For more details, see Add a Workflow Task.