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Collaborative Profile Creation

Learn about the UI for profile creation.

Attention: This feature is available to limited users through the Reltio Early Access (EA) program. We're not accepting additional participants now, but we plan to release the General Availability (GA) version soon.
Profiles are unique records of entities that make up the backbone of an organization. For more information about profiles, see topic Profiles.

In the Hub, you can create profiles for an entity type. The existing profile creation process involves specifying details such as attributes and relations related to the entity You fill in the required attributes and save the new record in the database. For more information, see topic Adding a Profile.

So, what's the Collaborative Profile creation all about?

The Collaborative Profile Creation feature provides an alternate way to create profiles from the current profile creation method. It's a multi-tab configurable wizard that enables you to:
  • Create and save a record.

  • Create and save a record in pending status.

  • Create a multi-step wizard driven process (based on configuration) to collate attributes/relationships based on a functional sub section.

  • Automatically search for existing records before creating a new one.

  • Allow multiple users to enrich the profile in collaborative manner before saving it.

Let's get started

First, ensure the feature is available in your tenant. You can see the wizard configuration option only after you enable it. Contact Reltio Support to help you enable this feature.

After you enable the feature in your tenant, you can opt to use this feature for specified entity types. You can design the different tabs in the wizard the way you want it. For more information about configuring it in the UI Modeler, see topic Configure Collaborative Profile Creation for an entity type .

Now that you have configured Collaborative Profile Creation in the UI Modeler, go ahead and start creating new profiles using this process. For more information about creating profiles, see topic Add a profile using Collaborative profile creation wizard.