Accelerate the Value of Data

Selecting a Tenant

Choose the tenant you want to work with in Console.

You can select a tenant before you use any application, or while you are using the application:
  1. Click the Tenant Selector icon in the header of the Console. The Select a tenant page appears.

    Based on your role, the list of tenants for which you have either Tenant Administrator or Customer Administrator rights are displayed.

    Role-based access:
    • If you are the customer administrator, having the ROLE_ADMIN_CUSTOMER role, all the tenants that belong to the particular customer are listed.
    • If you are the tenant administrator, having the ROLE_ADMIN_TENANT role, all the tenants where you are the administrator are listed.
    • If you have the ROLE_API role, all the tenants that are assigned to you are listed.

    This list displays the Customer name, Tenant name, Tenant ID, and Environment details. Click these column names to sort the tenants in ascending or descending order.
  2. You can filter tenants based on Customer and Environment details. Click the Filter icon next to the Search icon in the top right corner. The Filter by dialog box appears.

    Select the Customer and/or Environment details from the drop-down lists. Click APPLY. Once the filtered tenant details appear, select the required tenant.

    You can also locate a tenant using the Search icon in the top right corner.

  3. Click the tenant.

    The selected tenant appears in the Console header. When a new tenant is selected, the data in entities, relationships, and sources is refreshed.

    You can change your tenant in any application available in Console by repeating these steps.