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Mark Entities as Matches

Learn about marking entities as Matches.

This API enables you to manually mark an entity pair as a match of each other. It just marks two entities as potential matches and it doesn't add new rules into L3 config.
Note: After applying the API, two entities become potential matches. They returned for each as potential matches in the "manual" section when you get matches for the entity. This pair also returns in the _verifyMatches API response in the manualMatches.asMatches section with additional information including who and when did these entities potential matches.


POST {TenantURL}/{entityURI1}/_setAMatch?uri='{entityURI2}'
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Required Details
Headers Authorization Yes Information about authentication access token in format Bearer <accessToken>. For more information, see Authentication API.
Query uri The URI of the entity to be matched with the entity specified in the URL.


Returns Success if the operation is completed without any errors.

Example Request

POST {TenantURL}/entities/00005KL/_setAMatch?uri=entities/00009abHeaders:Authorization:
Bearer 204938ca-2cf7-44b0-b11a-1b4c59984512,Content-Type: application/json