Accelerate the Value of Data

View usage reports

Learn how to view data in the Usage Reporting application.

Get direct access to data showing your usage of Reltio, with clearer and more transparent reporting to help you plan for additional capacity, tenants, or APIs.

Access the Usage Reporting application from Console > Tenant Management. You need to have ROLE_ADMIN_TENANT to access this application. For more information, see topic ROLE_ADMIN_TENANT Access permissions

Use these sections to determine the data to display in Usage Reporting.

Customer selector
The app bar across the top of the Usage Reporting enables you to select a customer.
Navigation drawer
The menu panel on the left of the page enables you to select the usage report you want to view.
Report details
The bar at the top of the page identifies the current usage report and enables you to filter the data to display.
The area below the report details bar in which details of the current usage report are displayed: