Accelerate the Value of Data

View data quality issues in real time

Learn how to monitor data quality in the DQ dashboard.

Let’s make our way over to the Data Quality (DQ) Dashboard and take a look at the types of KPIs, metrics, and key data points you can display to monitor the quality of data in your Reltio tenant.

To access the DQ dashboard:
  1. From the left navigation menu in the Reltio Hub, select Dashboard.
  2. In the Dashboard tab, select Data quality.

You use these sections to determine the data to display in the DQ Dashboard.

Figure 1. Key sections of the Real-Time Data Quality Dashboard
Entity type bar:
The bar across the top of the DQ Dashboard provides access to the tenant’s entity types in an Entity dropdown list. For more information, see View an Entity overview.
Entity level charts:
The area below the entity tab in which entity Data Quality charts are displayed. For more information, see Real-Time Data Quality dashboard charts.
Attribute panel:
The panel that provides options to search, filter, and select attributes to be visualized in data quality charts for attributes. The panel is displayed on the right side of the dashboard when you are on the Entity overview page and is on the left side when you select an attribute. For more information, see Select an attribute type.