Time To Live (TTL) for Workflow Tasks

Workflow retains all the tasks after completion.

After a period of time, the resolved and invalid tasks get accumulated and the increased number of tasks creates an additional load. This impacts the performance of the Inbox as well. To keep a check on the accumulation of unwanted tasks, the Time to live (TTL) is enforced on the closed and invalid tasks.

Based on the TTL setting, all the closed and invalid tasks are removed from the Inbox. Once the TTL is reached, these tasks will not be available in the Inbox and will not show up even as Search Results of queries.

As a Data Steward, you can search for Closed or Invalid workflow tasks within Inbox, based on the set TTL value. By default, you will not be able to search or filter for closed or invalid tasks that are older than a year.

Important: By default, Time to live is set as one year. For a Closed task, the TTL value is configured to one year starting from the Date of resolution. However, for an Invalid task, the TTL value is configured to one year from the Start date.
The TTL will be enforced on a rolling year basis. Therefore, every day the Closed and Invalid tasks that are older than a year will be removed from the Inbox.
Note: You can customize the TTL duration or disable TTL for your tenants. Contact Reltio Support if you need a different TTL to be applied or TTL to be disabled on your tenants.