Workflow User's Guide

Inbox enables Workflow users to efficiently view, manage, and act on business tasks assigned to them and to their team.

Viewing Workflow Tasks


Some users may want to access Inbox from their mobile devices, such as Smartphones or Tablets. The mobile experience is optimized for smaller form factors with support for gestures.
  • Inbox: Lists tasks and displays information such as, name of the creator, status of the task, created date, and the due date; the task icon indicates the process the task belongs to (more than one process can be represented in the list, and the processes can be varied with regard to things like approving an expense report, matching tasks, etc.).
  • Team: Lists tasks assigned to the user's team members. Team members can perform any task, reassign any task, or simply view any task.
  • Sent: Lists tasks that you sent for approval.
  • All: Lists all open tasks. Users with ROLE_WORKFLOW role privilege and READ permission can see all tasks assigned to all users.
For more information, see Accessing Reltio Inbox

Filtering Tasks

The filtering capability in the Inbox is enhanced with two additional filters that allow you to filter by using the entity URI and DCR ID. These filters are available on the Inbox, Sent, and All tabs.

The All tab in the Inbox is enhanced with a new filter that allows you to view both open and closed workflow tasks.

For more information, see Filtering Tasks in Reltio Inbox

Sorting Tasks

By default, the tasks are sorted in the descending order of the creation date.

For more information, see Filtering Tasks in Reltio Inbox.

Sorting Tasks

By default, the tasks are sorted in the descending order of the creation date.

  1. Click Date created to view the other sort options.

  2. Select the required option to sort tasks in ascending or descending order. The following image shows tasks sorted on the descending order of the due date:

Listing Tasks by Task Type

You can list tasks by task type from the Task Type drop down:

  • All tasks: default setting
  • Data Change Request
  • Match Review
  • Any custom tasks in your tenant
  1. Click All tasks to access the All tasks drop down.

  2. Select the task type and type the person's name in the Search field to further narrow it down to a specific task type (such as Data Change Request) for the person.

The task type details for the person are shown.

Viewing Tasks Status

You can search by name (from the drop down) to view the task's status and, in some cases if the person is on vacation or unavailable for some other reason.

Reassigning, Approving, or Rejecting Tasks

Method 1

You can select the tasks assigned to a team member or coworker who is unavailable and reassign the tasks to another person.

  1. Click an entry in the list for the INBOX, TEAM, or SENT tab.
  2. Click the green square to view one of two drop downs.

Method 2

  1. Type the person's name in the Search field.

    The person's assigned tasks are shown.

    Note: In the SEND tab, the newly-assigned tasks are shown after completing this step.
  2. Click the task icon to toggle the tasks for reassignment.
  3. Click the person icon in the upper-right area of the window.
  4. Type the person's name to whom to reassign the task.

Selecting All Tasks and Deselecting Specific Tasks

  1. From either the INBOX tab or SENT tab, click the checkbox for the desired task in the task list.

    The Select panel immediately appears under the header and shows the Select all checkbox. By default, this checkbox is inactive (Off).

  2. To select all tasks in the list, check the Tasks selected (Select all) checkbox.
    • If you check this checkbox, all tasks in the list are selected.
    • If you deselect at least one task, this checkbox will be unchecked, and the title changes to Selected tasks.
    • If you deselect the Select all checkbox, all tasks will be unchecked, and the bulk-reassign menu is no longer shown.
  3. To reassign tasks in select-all mode, click the reassign button in the right corner of the panel to open the reassign-modal window. Choose the user to whom to reassign all tasks.
    When the reassign action starts, the black snackbar appears on the bottom of the screen with information about starting the process.
    Note: The list does not update. You need to reload tasks list to see changes.

Additional Entries and Details - Editing Due Date and Priority

  1. Click a task.

    The entry is highlighted and the details are shown in the right panel.

  2. To view additional details, click More Information.

    Details are shown. You can change the Due date and Priority, and you can add comments for a task here.

    Click the More Information arrow to collapse the additional details.

Workflows tab on Profile view

Reltio Connected Cloud also provides a Workflows Tab available on the Profile view.
Tip: If you cannot see the tabs displayed, select Profile from the main menu, then click the expand arrow on the right-top of the page.
Once the tabs are displayed, click the right scroll arrow to find the Workflows tab.

The Workflows tab enables you to view all existing tasks for the Profile and Create a Workflow Task.

Visual Indicators for Reoccurring Tasks

Tasks get assigned to users called task assignees. During a review process, a task may be reassigned a few times, so the process can have a few Review > Approve > Review cycles. In such cases, the assignee of the Review step might look for understanding whether the objects in this process instance were reviewed by them earlier or this is the first time. Such recurring tasks are marked with special indicators.

Working With Tasks

Create a Workflow Task

Add a task from the Workflows tab:

  1. From the Workflows tab, select the task type from the first drop down list. The task types may be a custom type for your tenant or the Recommend for Delete default workflow task.

  2. Provide an optional comment in the Comments field.
  3. Click the Start button.

Start a Workflow Task

Start a Potential Match Review Task

Reltio Connected Cloud provides an easy way to start potential matches review from the Search view.

  1. Select Search from the main menu to display the Search view.

  2. From the search filter facets side menu, select +More. Reltio Connected Cloud displays additional filters. Search view.

  3. Select the Potential Matches filter.
  4. Select a range and filter.

  5. Reltio Connected Cloud displays the filtered results and enables the Request Match Review button. It enables the button once the potential matches filter is enabled in search results.

    You can optionally enable other filters to further narrow your results.
  6. Click the Request Match Review button to assign workflow review tasks to the filtered results.

View a Workflow Task

Workflow tasks view provides information for task assignee to take action.

Note: Each Workflow type (as specified in the Workflow field) is randomly assigned a different color for the background and border for the current user's session. All workflows of the same type should have the same color during the current user's session. For example, all Data Change Request Review workflow tasks should have the same color. The color for the workflow may change the next time the user the session is refreshed.

View a Potential Match Review Task

Once started, you can view the potential match review workflow by viewing the Potential Matches perspective of a Profile. The workflow task displays above the potential matches records.

You can also see an abbreviated potential match workflow from the default Profile perspective.

Reassign a Workflow Task

Reassign a Potential Match Review Task

Only assignees can take action on a workflow task. As the task assigner (owner), you can change the assignee by clicking the (change) link adjacent to the Assigned to field.

You can click the potential match profile to view the potential match rule.

Workflow Task Actions

Take a Potential Match Review Task Action

As an assignee, you can click the actions drop down list to take action on the workflow task, such as Merge, Not a Match, or a Comment. The workflow completes after a Match or Not a Match has been defined for the task.


When a task is assigned to a user, the user receives an email notification with task information, such as assigned user, task type, an associated entity (or entities) and other details. For best user experience, the notification caption area is color highlighted for different notification types. To view the task and take Workflow Task Actions, the user can navigate to Reltio Connected Cloud. Example of a Data Change Request task assignment notification.

Example of a Data Change Request approval notification: