Select All Tasks and Deselect Specific Tasks

You can filter tasks using the Reltio Inbox. You can select a specific set of tasks and apply actions to them. While selecting all the tasks, you may want to exclude some of them.

To select all tasks:

  1. You can select the checkbox for choosing (single or multiple) tasks in the task list.

    You can use all the tabs (Inbox, Team, Sent, and All) on your left panel.

    The Select panel immediately is displayed under the header and shows the Select all checkbox. After you choose a tab and select a task, the Task Selected checkbox will be available.

  2. To select all tasks in the list, check the Tasks selected (Select all) checkbox.

    • If you check this checkbox, all tasks in the list are selected.
    • If you deselect at least one task, this checkbox will be unchecked, and the title changes to Selected tasks.
    • If you deselect the Select all checkbox, all tasks will be unchecked, and the bulk-reassign menu is no longer shown.

    The All tab in the Inbox has an additional filter that enables you to view both Open and Closed workflow tasks.

  3. While selecting All Tab, you can choose an Open task and reassign the tasks in select-all mode.
  4. Click Reassign in the right corner of the panel to open the reassign-modal window.
  5. Choose the user to whom to reassign all tasks.
    When the reassign action starts, the bottom of the screen displays the information about starting the process.
    Note: The list doesn’t update. You need to reload the tasks list to see the changes.
    Note: You can’t reassign a task with a Closed status. The Reassign option on the upper right corner will be disabled.